SSOMENS has 80+ active clients, including several leading and global financial brands. Many of these relationships are multi-year and multi-level. At level-1 the focus is to align competencies to client demands and facilitate the shift to “managed services”. At level-2 the focus is to help deliver clients’ strategic programs through collaborative partnerships. Work with clients to interpret emerging industry trends and facilitate change in their business models.

In the post Financial crisis period, the above mentioned multi level relationship addresses three key issues of interest to the banking and financial service industry


  • Optimize Costs through services aimed at IT Optimization, Operations Efficiency, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. For instance, we have helped a Global Investment Manager shift their pensions business into a scalable business model through an integrated IT model. We are helping a leading bank implement Algorithmic solution for liquidity risk management.

  • Accelerate Growth by helping firms with the implementation of Customer Centricity agenda, replace or re-engineer Core Systems and consolidate Enterprise Systems. Examples include global implementation of Relationship Pricing and Billing solution for a UK major, delivering a world class online banking solution for a leading Canadian bank.

  • Evolve New Business Models to adapt to new developments in areas such as payments and financial inclusion. Examples include, helping a UK major launch a mobile solution for Africa market, developing a cloud based last known location solution for preventing online fraud.