In the past, before the advent of accounting software, all financial accounting and reporting was done manually and was time consuming. Often the reports were inaccurate and were not available when needed.

Our Accounting and Inventory software allows you to track in detail all your financial transactions and lets you generate accurate reports for analysis. This software reduces costs, allows better financial decision making by way of accurate and instant reporting.

Account & Inventory ERP System

As a small wholesale or distribution business owner it can be hard to justify the costs of implementing a true accounting and inventory ERP system. In the past, these types of all-in-one solutions were typically reserved for much larger businesses with global operations. However for the last several years and with cloud-based solutions increasing in popularity, accounting and inventory ERP software has become a viable option for businesses of all sizes.  ERP software is designed to manage all aspects of a company’s operations and provide advanced functionality for those who also sell online or through showrooms/storefronts.  As is common in small businesses, owners and management can get caught up managing manual processes and dealing with administrative tasks which can slowly take away time spent trying to grow the business. When this happens, it is time to begin evaluating your options. Instead of deciding to hire additional employees or add another application to your growing suite of software systems, consider the following benefits to be gained from our A & I ERP System

One Solution for All Your Needs.

Many small wholesale and distribution businesses begin by relying on Excel spreadsheets for keeping track of inventory. However, the spreadsheet is not designed to manage all aspects of a company’s operations, nor will it help your business grow.  As you begin to experience an increase in order volume and sales, it will become quite clear that disparate systems and largely manual processes will no longer work. Instead of adding on multiple systems to manage specific processes, look for an all-in-one solution.  These types of systems will provide all the basic functionality such as inventory and accounting, but also advanced functionality to help continue to grow the business such as CRM, eCommerce integration, landed cost tracking, POS and more.

Streamlined Operations with Consolidated Data

Inherently in all ERP software, information is consolidated in one system and database.  This makes it easy to access information across all departments, including inventory information in the warehouse, sales information from customer service and purchasing information.  This in turn can improve relationships with customers and suppliers as it allows you to quickly find information and then email or print directly from the system.  Going one step further, inventory accounting software also includes permission settings which allow businesses to restrict which aspects of the software specific users are able to access and edit.  This eliminates the problem of users changing data by accident.

Full Visibility into Business Health.

When all information is stored in one database it makes the process of gathering and consolidating information from different departments much faster.   Inventory, sales and financial information can be quickly consolidated into meaningful report allowing management to address issues when they arise and on a pro-active basis.  Automated reporting provides regular insight into business health and can be set up to alert users only when specific criteria are met.

Although ERP has typically been associated with much larger companies, it can actually provide major benefits to smaller wholesale and distribution businesses as well. ERP can help your business grow by consolidating data and improving collaboration across departments.




Invoicing : You can easily create personalised invoices, with or without payments, all from your home screen.

Automated banking (bank feeds) : Reconcile and keep your bank account updated using bank feeds.

Inventory management : Keep track of your inventory and replenishment levels across various locations.

Reporting : Generate various reports to identify what makes your business successful and which are the weak links.

Payroll :Simplifies the monthly wage payment process.



  • User Friendly

  • Security

  • Payroll

  • Cash Flow

  • Accuracy

  • Ease of Invoicing

  • Reduction in Cost

  • Increased Productivity

  • New Opportunities