Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software

Every person needs ways to run their business hassle free i.e. transaction should be maintained properly, get comparison of sales years, important alerts. Ssomens Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software is designed to handle all needs of individual shops or retail chain in an accurate way as it is easily configurable according to the requirements of the customers as per their business type. In ssomens Billing & invoicing Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software, transactions & inventories can be easily maintained; it will show alerts for the items getting out of stock or for the items whose expiry date is near.

Ssomens Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale software controls inventory in a much easier way by the help of cash registers as well as helps in better controlling of business due to its unique reporting features. In ssomens Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software, one can compare its current sales from the previous financials or party to party comparison so that they can get better ideas for the betterment of the business. There is online as well as onsite support with the help of 500+ support centers across the globe. Explicit sales services and higher rate of customer satisfaction leads to the path of success.

Ssomens Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software Can be used in a retail management system for small to mid-sized businesses. In addition to its Point of Sale module, the solution also offers integrated Inventory Management, Customer Management, and Retail Accounting, including general ledger, purchase orders, and payroll processing. Ssomens now is cloud-based, and compatible on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad.

Benefits of Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software :

  • User-friendly and fast billing

  • Bill printing supported

  • No slowdown due to background data sync

  • Data sync fully automated

Retail Point of Sale is fully integrated front and back office point of sale software that meets the needs of SMME (Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises) retailers. Monitor sales, payments, returns, inventory, lay-bys and cash. Fast, easy to use ,reliable for quick and accurate picking of Products.

Billing and invoicing Point Of Sale Software

Ssomens Point of Sale (POS)

Everything you need to manage your sales business. Ssomens POS is a web-based system that makes it easy to sell to your customers and make them come back to your store. It runs on Mac or PC, and it is so easy to use that you can get your sales in the shorter time. Our product integrates with a variety of payment providers. Our POS software helps your business to store product information and speed up the checkout process. With a central product catalog, you can choose what to sell in stores, online, or both. You never have to manage information and photos of products on multiple systems. We built Ssomens POS so you do not have to be an expert in web run an amazing online store.

Sales in parking? (Parked Sales)

A customer forgot an item? Temporarily park any sale and recover quickly when your customer is ready to complete their transaction.

Refunds & Returns

Give each customer the opportunity to change their (mind) with a simple process of return and refund. Search for product and customer. Quickly add products for sale by typing words or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name & Phone No. Search for product through Bill no – Easily access any customer Sale through Bill Nos.


Add reductions to be applied to all items in the basket of a customer or to specific items only.

User accounts and permissions

Create user accounts and set permission levels for each of your employees. Control the information they have access to, they can make changes or reductions they can give.

Finance management

Reduce errors, theft and gaps in recording all cash funds from changes to save the closure. Handle cash withdrawals with ease.

Sign closure reports

Get a printable record of your daily totals. Add notes about the day and check your totals by type of payment.

Benefits of POS :

  • Fast checkout, records sales and transactions quickly and easily

  • Inventory tracking helps in monitoring critical information such as sales, purchase, product pricing, discounts and replenishment levels.

  • Customer data helps to identify the best-selling products and to help build an effective loyalty programme which in turn can increase sales in the long run.

  • Reporting, to analyze sales by salesperson, product, or by SKU (stock keeping unit); provides information on product styles or models, weekly, monthly and annual sales.

  • Automated purchasing, streamlines the process of connecting with suppliers and ordering the replenishment quantities.

Features of POS :

Fast checkout:
A retail POS software simplifies the checkout process. This means that it should not take the sales team’s much manual effort to complete a transaction.

Inventory tracking:
A POS makes the inventory management process effortless. One should be able to monitor all the critical information about the store from individual transactions to purchases. This will make the ordering from vendors easy & the inventory manager would not waste time calculating the replenishment level.

Reporting tools:
Ssomens POS has a unique reporting feature which is user friendly. It can store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.