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SSOMENS offers an innovative product which is best in the universe namely Company HRM which can be customized and well fits for all levels of organization in all vertices. We have deployed it in Google apps cloud computing. Authorized persons in client organization can able to access anywhere from the world.


Allows for flexible monitoring for different employees: Employers can decide what level of visibility they want for each employee or contract worker, from screen captures to manual functions and custom reports, for greater accountability.

Helps companies adjust resources: Organizations can see the overall picture of time spent on a project, which can help them re-prioritize or streamline processes, or pull additional resources to a project that needs more attention.

Keep Client & Project Hours In Check : Companies who track Billable hours such as ( law firm , Ad Agencies, web development  ) can easily see time spend on each project ,ensure accurate billing .Companies can also use this as a selling point for clients that may feel like they are being overcharged for work.

Minimizes distractions: Time tracking software helps to keep the employee or remote worker accountable for their every minute, ensuring that distractions in the office won’t guide them away from the project (and giving them a way to track it if they do).

Improves overall company time management: When employees and their managers pay more attention to time spent on daily tasks, the company can use this data to streamline processes and improve efficiencies at the individual level but also throughout the organization.

Decision Makers

Key decisions are difficult to make. SSOMENS HRM will supply you with the information you need to make the accurate assessments you need.

  • SSOMENS HRM quickly shows how much labor is being dedicated to various projects.

  • SSOMENS HRM increases employee productivity by making time tracking easy and fast.

Features :

  • Leave Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Time Tracker

  • Form Customisation

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Mobile Apps

  • Real Time Collaboration

  • Centralized Employee Information

  • HR Process Automation

  • Admin Operations

Leave Management: SSOMENS People simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: vacation, training, sick days, etc. You can also analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time.

Attendance Management: Track your employees’ time, attendance, absenteeism and holidays even when you are away from office.

Time Tracker: SSOMENS HRM tracker helps you keep track of your employees’ work. Regularly monitor your team’s efficiency and improve their overall productivity.

Performance Appraisal: SSOMENS HRM helps you analyze the abilities and performance of your employees. Run performance appraisal cycles to complete the review in a systematic way.

Mobile Apps: Connect and collaborate with your colleagues on the go using the fully featured mobile employee directory. Employees can conveniently check in and out of work using their iOS and Android mobile devices. Managers can set IP restrictions to control when and where their employees are allowed to clock in.

Real Time Collaboration: With SSOMENS HRM live feeds, your employees will be instantly notified on approvals, change of policy and other important activities and announcements.Increase your organization’s productivity by encouraging your employees to collaborate and share ideas, information and knowledge on a common wall.

Centralized Employee Information: Manage People, Not Software. Employees are the key entities in SSOMENS HRM. With the help of pre-defined forms like the Employee form, you can accurately record all your employee data and manage them effectively.

HR Process Automation: SSOMENS HRM  lets you configure mail alerts for improved workflow, create checklists to track tasks, schedule reminders for key events, set multi-level approvals and integrate with third party APIs. By automating the vast majority of your everyday HR activities, SSOMENS HRM eliminates redundancy, increases accuracy, and ensures your data is always timely and complete.


Managing teams and projects is far simpler with SSOMENS HRM. Our web-based HRM system is designed to capture time quickly and accurately so managers can see the reports they need. See how SSOMENS HRM can benefit managers.

  • With just a few clicks, access real-time reports over the web

  • SSOMENS HRM reporting interface lets managers print great-looking reports with our unique reporting technology — or export to PDF .

  • Track time that has been spent on specific projects, and determine the ratio of everyone’s billable time

  • Quickly see who has not yet logged their HRM, and remind them automatically



SSOMENS HRM is extremely simple to use. Without a steep learning curve, users can start tracking time right away. Find out additional benefits users will love about our product here. Uncluttered web interface

  • An easy-to-remember URL

  • Log time  from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easy access from smartphones, iPads, and other connected devices

  • SSOMENS HRM lets you associate projects with users and tasks with projects, so you’re less likely book time to the wrong project


Benefits :

  • Track your employees’ time in a click.

  • Simple to setup and highly customizable.

  • Crunch project hours with ease.

  • Club and see the timesheet of all the employees for a day/week/month/year.

  • Access employee timesheets at the click of a button.

  • View robust reports.

  • Make better decisions based on facts, not emotion.

  • Simplify your payroll process.

  • Create better estimates based on prior performance.