The QOM as the title says, helps you to organise and streamline Quotations and orders for various jobs. This product enables one to manage enquiries and send out quotes in an efficient manner.

You are in front of the customer, sitting across the table, discussing something and expressing interest in certain aspects and then the expression is converted into a soft interest by creating a quote. It then becomes a hard interest when you convert it into an order at a later point of time. But the soft interest phase is something which is very interesting. From the first point in which you create a quote with some indistinct details – with some numbers and dates and other parameters, it becomes a conversation starting point and later becomes a running document. As a result, multiple versions of it get created, prices change, the quantities change, the delivery dates change, the delivery locations change, the overall pricing changes, discounts, packs, shipping all these elements showing a variable characteristic will have a tendency to change. It’s as good as a real order but it’s basically a soft commitment. So, this is something which is quite common and most of the organizations solve this problem by implementing our quote and order management solution.

Benefits :

  • Improves velocity and accuracy of proposal generation and order capture.

  • Completes E2E visibility and control across entire sales order delivery process and channels.

  • Increases revenue with better contract compliance, profitability and renewal rate.

  • Fast time-to-market for insight driven offer introduction.

  • Ssomens QOM the book or other solutions fail, providing a clear interface and simple to use, supported by the control you need to make complex quotes and orders for products in minutes.

  • One look for quotations and order management. Cloud software that allows your sales team to create quotes and orders at any time, any where!

  • Powerful tools quotation and order.

  • Approval and payment online by customers. Streamline communication with customers through integrated messaging.


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