SSOMENS SERVICED RESIDENCE software is specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places such as banks, railway stations, public utility offices, health care and other places where people have to wait in line to get a service.

SSOMENS SERVICED RESIDENCE software reduces waiting time, speeds up service delivery,improves service quality & increases customer satisfaction.

For employees we offer good working conditions – where they can be efficient yet relaxed without being intimidated by the long queue of overlooking people awaiting for their turn service.

For the manager, we offer Daily Efficiency Reports that allow him to optimize resource allocation, respond to staff workloads and provide better service to his customers.

Benefits of using our Serviced Residence software:

  • Saves time and money

  • Maximizes productivity

  • User friendly electronic platform

  • Reduces processing time by automating processes

  • Provides tools to strategize, plan, execute and monitor processes

  • Projects a professional image to reinforce your brand

  • Increases business efficiency by storing all your documents in a centralized location which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere

Ssomens for furnished apartments:

Unlike many other property management systems on the market, Ssomens has many features and modules built specifically for apartments, and is suitable for managing short and long term rentals.

Ssomens is an apartment management system that has not just been adapted for the hotel industry – it is able to adapt to the specific requirements of the industry and the apartment.

Ssomens is used by a wide range of apartment companies all over the world, by companies with small portfolios and also by management companies having more than 1000 properties managed throughout the world.

Customer Management

Record everything from your client, their total expense, their preferences and feedback.

Management of companies and companies

Build lasting relationships with key accounts using the Ssomens business management tool

Set credit limits, assign billing rules

Allow guests of the designated company to make reservations on behalf of their staff

Use personalized discounts and loyalty codes

Automated and customized billing rules

Automate when invoices are high and payments are received

Every customer, company and property you deal with, can have their own custom rule

PCI payments automate

Automate collection of payments from 3rd party sites like, LateRooms etc. As well as your own website.

PCI compliant payment solution offering your customers online with security, confidence and peace of mind from the start.

Residential Management System

Manage an unlimited number of sites from a single residence based cloud-based management system. From there, you can manage all your sites, fees and Channel Partners as well as payments, booking, accounting and reporting.