Our payroll is a web-hosted software which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device using a browser and internet connection. It’s a SaaS (Software as a Service) based software and can be used by paying a small monthly subscription fee based on the number of employees. This software is also available on yearly subscription.Our payroll software is designed to handle a wide range and size of payroll, from a single company to a large company having multiple payroll structure. We have learnt through experience that people preparing payrolls are not necessarily computer literate and therefore this software is designed keeping such people in mind and in a very user friendly way.



  • Employee Management

  •  Salary computation

  •  Multiple Structures

  •  Statutory Provisions

  •  Comprehensive Reporting

  •  Customized Deductions

  •  Advance Masters

  •  HR Data Management

  • Holiday / Leave tracking

  • Multi location employee payroll



  • Reduced time spent on processing salaries

  • Salaries processed accurately without any delay.

  • Salary calculation as per attendance made uncomplicated.

  • Payroll customized to be compliant with Govt rules and regulations.

  • PDF interface available for exporting

  • Automatic backup

  • User friendly

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