Tender management software is basically software that does allow tender management to be easy and more efficient. There are many different things SSOMENS tender management software can do.

Features :

  • It allows the management of the information and contents of tenders that are being issued by the company.

  • Also,  our software manages the process of administering receiving and issuing the tenders of the business.

  • Our  software is unique across all of them is that they are able to manage the structure, production, and content of the bids that are submitted by the company.

  • This Software will allow the company to easily go back and forth the different records to ensure that there is utmost accuracy.

The main advantage of having and using tender management software is that it saves a lot of time. The thing is that business people should spend more time managing the business itself – rather than the part where they are just looking for work. The tender management software will make it easy for the business to handle all the tenders and all necessary things that are related to this. This will allow administrative tasks of the business to be streamlined and efficient. They are much secured as well. Therefore, the companies or the businesses will be able to send out their bids that are error free and are accurate. This way, they are able to give out the right expectations for their clients at all times.


The Tender Management Software captures all the required information of a tender enquiry. Facility to enter the client’s BOQ -( Bill of Quantities)  and accordingly map with the inbuilt tasks provides the engineering and tendering department a greater transparency during the execution of the work and better control with the estimations provided in the tender.

Ssomens Tender Management Software is a cloud-based tender management service available as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module. Complex tendering involves the distribution and submission of large volumes of documents and information between contractees and contractors which need to reviewed, tracked and analysed.

Functionalities :

Secure Central Document Manager – This enables bidders to create tender packages and store them for later use. The package structure can be replicated for use on future tenders.

Streamline – Simplify and automate bids and tenders with a cloud-based platform available from anywhere. Cut bid management time by half.

Fast & Secure – Distribute bid and tender packages instantly and securely, regardless of the number or size of the documents or drawings.

Benefits :

  • Opening Date of the Tender

  • Customized Reports

  • Fast and Secure

  • Contract Award

  • Notification & Alerts

  • Share Project Documents

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