For the last decade ecommerce software has offered companies of all sizes the ability to not only get their products online, but give customers a simple and secure way to purchase them. Now, SSOMENS offers ecommerce solutions based on cloud technology for enterprises, corporates, and small businesses. It offers a number of benefits to the eCommerce users.







● Trust
● Ease Of Use
● Customized appearance
● Cost Savings
● Speed
● Scalability
● Security
● Interoperability
● Affiliated Tracking
● Reporting
● Secure payment processing
● Inventory tracking
● Autoresponder emails
● Mailing list delivery
● Ad tracking

Manage Customer Requests

Define hours, products; send emails as per the status of the orders. Customize Delivery Rules through Zip Code & Accuracy of Orders

Get Paid Online

Manage all your operations with ease with Online Ordering & Payments. Add any number of payment options

Respond To Orders Fast

Track orders in time and respond dynamically.

Manage Multi Location Stores

Your chain of stores can be managed easily with integrated store portal solution that merges it all dynamically

Data Management Made Easy

Deal with frequent customer data and stock updates effortlessly. Manage application data through easy-to-use dashboard that never corrupts.


We can provide below list of functionality and Features:

  1. CMS (Content Management System)

  2. Login Functionality

  3. Product listing

  4. Customer Reviews

  5. Recently Viewed Products

  6. Wish List

  7. Shipping Calculation integration

  8. Payment Gateway Integration

  9. Informative pages

  10. Newsletter

  11. Coupon Code/Gift Certificates

  12. Social Media Sharing

Key Benefits

Ready to Go E-Commerce

Our e-commerce is proudly powered by Magento, the leading open source e-commerce platform.

Reliable & Efficient

We will create a reliable store that is easy to use for site visitors and your company. Magento eCommerce is award winning for its administrative backend and storefront.