We understand that choosing a web hosting provider can be a daunting, exhaustive and frustrating task. Ask SSOMENS  what we can offer you.

We offer simple, cost effective, secure web hosting packages supported by a knowledgeable staff.


From basic sites that have a few simple static pages to complex Flash websites we have the right plan for you. At Ssomens our professional personnel are as reliable as our servers and comes with 24/7 customer support.

We have different types of packages for customers with different requirements. The packages are  divided based on the number of pages, uploading of pictures etc. For more information you can call our customer care who will be happy to help.

Cloud technology allows to manage and increase available system resources on the cloud automatically, and this sets cloud hosting apart from traditional hosting providers who are confined to the physical limitations of a server.

With traditional webhosting providers an account is given an excessive resource usage limit (e.g. 10% of the CPU for 60 seconds), and if the site goes over the limit, it gets suspended due to violation of the Terms of Service or.

This does not happen on cloud web hosting environment as the additional resources are added automatically to deal with traffic and high loads, and thus customers sites will not be suspended for “excessive use”, as the cloud computing resources can be upgraded anytime seamlessly.